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"As soon as coffee is in your stomach, there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move...similes arise, the paper is covered. Coffee is your ally and writing ceases to be a struggle."~Honore de Balzac

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Market, To Market

No one is going to come along and buy our books if we don't get out there and sell them ourselves. We thought putting words together in a unique way in a plot filled with conflict and fascinating characters would be enough.

Once the book is written and published, we must pass out those order forms, set up display tables, and get that website up and running with credit card capability.

So what do we do? It's not enough to write a worthy book these days. Even the most established publisher expects us to market our books, too.

Since several of us in SMCC have recently published books, we're considering options. Here are nine simple ideas on how to share the burden of marketing:

1. Linking websites.
2. Sharing tables at book festivals.
3. Reviewing one another's books.
4. Mentioning one another's books in printed material.
5. Inviting other authors to book clubs, writing classes, and any other appropriate groups.
6. Assisting one another with press releases, book trailers, online activities.
7. Tagging books and adding them to book lists.
8. Becoming more involved in social networking sites.
9. Suggesting one another as speakers or presenters in schools, churches, and organizations.

By turning your critique group into a marketing collective, it's a win-win situation. If your group, like ours, has a number of authors on the brink of publishing, maybe the focus should lean toward how to get those books sold. Why not launch those books together at one wonderful fete? With the help of our friends and sharing the wealth, we can accomplish anything,

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